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3 Little Owls Magic Slates (Pack of 12)

These fun and magical little owl slates are here to help you with anything you need to jot down. Draw a picture, leave a note for your friends, or write down a quick reminder or a list. Then wipe it clear with no mess and no fuss and you’re ready to start fresh on a clear slate! And for all little environmentalists out there, it saves on paper too! Doodle, write, clear, and repeat!
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3 Little Owls Magic Slates (Pack of 12)
  • Department: Hobbies
  • Store: Baker RossEU friends
  • Brand:Baker Ross
  • Brand popularity:27 from 100 (trend:0)
  • Sale Starts:03 Jan 2021
  • Sale Ends:22 Oct 2021
Retail Price €7.95 price includes V.A.T. at 21% (€1.38)
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